Thursday, July 08, 2004

Spiking Neural Network

  Spiking Neural Network, SNN 又稱 pulsed neural network 顧名思義,其中的 neuron 著重在模擬生物神經元激發時軸突所傳遞的突波。這樣的模型除了比傳統的 ANN 更真實外,實用上也更適合處理時變訊號的應用場合。

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KaTau said...

Hello, can you please translate text in English (or better, in French ^^).

I'm studying speech recognition using Spiking Neural Network. So this blog's content may be very useful.
Thanks and sorry for the trouble.

York said...

To KaTau,

Spiking Neural Network, SNN, also known as pulsed neural network.

It focuses on the simulation of pulse passing in excited axons of biological neurons.

It is more suitable for applications that require time-varying signal processing.